About Us

About Edward W. Barnard

I’ve been writing software that runs Unix-based or Linux-based Web sites since before the turn of the Millenium. I’ve been in the software industry more than 33 years, writing everything from Cray Supercomputer operating system and device drivers to Content Management Systems in Perl and PHP.

I enjoy experimenting, mentoring, sharing, and teaching. I hope you learn something while you visit. Thanks for stopping by, and please add OT Scripts to your RSS reader, so you know when to stop by again!

About OTScripts.com and OT Scripts Industrial Strength®

OT Scripts began in 2000 as a software service and sales site. Back then, there were not so many people around who understood Unix-based or Linux-based servers. Together with my partners, we created various scripts, site builders, and Content Management Systems.

We registered OT SCRIPTS INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. A decade ago, the Web was overrun with “wanna be” webmasters who didn’t understand the need for things like Web site reliability, up time, and simply not crashing. We could get in, fix things, and get out, without crashing or harming anything. That “industrial strength” reliability was our special niche.

The OT in OT Scripts stands for Online Tech. In 2009 I re-purposed Online Tech to become a means of learning and sharing the hard-won experience of those earlier days of the Internet. The “Industrial Strength” approach remains as important to the Web as it ever was.

About The Genealogy Webmaster’s Journal

Now in 2012, my focus as a Webmaster has changed. I am the Archivist and Webmaster for the Strong Family Association of America, Inc. I am bringing us from a mere informational Web site to a more comprehensive online-genealogical presence. My Genealogy Webmaster’s Journal documents the tips and tricks I am learning and creating along the way.