How to Hack a Paysite Articles

I wrote How to Hack a Paysite and I Can Hack You for AVN Online Magazine a decade ago after spending some time amongst the hackers and crackers. I was rated “Master Exploiter” by my peers, was allowed in the more private “Sploiters” forums, and made an Admin of one of the larger boards. When the articles were published, of course, I found myself rapidly fading towards the blue event horizon… but one Danish admin did find the whole penetration absolutely hilarious.

How to Hack a Paysite

  1. Part 1: Getting the Attitude. First of article series explaining “what the good guys need to know.” We expose the attitude and tools of pay site hackers.
  2. Part 2: Let’s Start Hacking. We explore actual password cracking technique, enforcing password policies, and the common pitfall of creating a crackable password. We hear from the Master Exploiters.
  3. Part 3: The Buck Stops Nowhere. Web site security is a thorny problem which many Internet billing companies ignore. We explain why it is so difficult and suggest solutions to keep hackers out.
  4. Part 4: Billing Exploits. This final installment explains how billing companies and their billing scripts are exploited, and what you can do to compensate. I added links to additional interesting material.

I Can Hack You

  1. Part 1: The Making of a Hacker. We distinguish between cracking and exploiting, and demonstrate use of the John the Ripper password cracker.
  2. Part 2: Advanced Cracking. Advanced password cracking techniques include brute force password guessing and anonymous proxy usage. We show the sparring match between webmaster and cracker.
  3. Part 3: Exploiting. Exploiting fits into two stages: Finding the security hole, and using that security hole. We explain the various security holes to be found and exploited.
  4. Part 4. Keeping the Hackers Out. We show how to deal with the sharks who feed off your site, the password crackers who feed the sharks, the exploiters who feed the crackers, and the hacker boards that keep it all moving.