List of Questions to Ask When the Time Comes

Questions I Really Need to Ask Someone Else

1. Multi-platform testing. The bug list is written against various different operating systems and versions (of course). I’ve never done a Windows build, so that’s surely a blind spot. How might I best test extensions in a Windows environment? Do we have procedures/setups for testing multiple platforms? For the record, I run Windows 7 on my Mac under VMWare Fusion. I may have better information once I’ve installed and played with the Rasmus build.

2. I have not yet found the pecl-specific IRC channel. I’ve found #phpmentoring and #gophp7-ext. Ah. It’s on Eris Free Net, not Freenode.

Questions I Should Be Able to Answer Myself

Answers to the following should be self evident once I look. These are my reminders to do so.

1. How do I participate in bug list discussions? I would assume that I need to get an account. 

2. How do I update documentation? I would assume that I need to get an account, and it’s likely to be the same account as for bug lists.

3. What mailing lists should I get on?

Links to Some of the Answers

Here is a collection of links as I catch them. They may well hold answers to above questions.