From time to time I’m asked to provide samples of my work. Here you are, the coding portfolio of Edward W. Barnard. The only actual code shown below is in the SunShop Modifications. However, there is a lot of sample code under SunShop Modifications!

Additional samples of my work are available upon request. I cannot, of course, disclose any work performed under a Non Disclosure Agreement.

SunShop Shopping Cart modifications. Specific modifications and techniques. How to build a plugin (the manufacturer has no documentation):

  1. SunShop Modifications Part 1
  2. SunShop Modifications Part 2
  3. SunShop Modifications Part 3
  4. SunShop Modifications Part 4
  5. SunShop Modifications Part 5
  6. SunShop Modifications Part 6

Here is how I set up for Test-Driven Development in Perl.

  1. Installing CPAN modules offline
  2. Test-Driven Development in Perl

How to Hack a Paysite: What the Good Guys Need to Know:

  1. Getting the Attitude
  2. Let’s Start Hacking
  3. The Buck Stops Nowhere
  4. Billing Exploits

I Can Hack You: What the hackers do, and how to keep them from doing it:

  1. The Making of a Hacker
  2. Advanced Cracking
  3. Exploiting
  4. Keeping the Hackers Out

Web Server Secrets

  1. About This Series of Articles
  2. File Ownership
  3. File Permissions
  4. Apache Server Account
  5. The Problem of Script-Generated Files
  6. The Main Event
  7. The FastCGI Caveat