Quick Fix For Atahualpa Theme Sticky Posts

Today I upgraded the The Strong Family Association of America, Inc. theme. I use Atahualpa, and it’s been years since I updated the theme. I needed to move my favicon and logo from theme folder atahualpa333 to atahualpa. Fortunately, the theme carried my options forward to the new version.

Here is a hint: Turn on Firebug and let it tell you what images are broken or missing!

I found that the sticky note graphic was missing. Here is the fix: Go to the Atahualpa theme options. Click on the section Style POSTS & PAGES. The second section is POST Container: STICKY. There is a space in the background image url. For my site, it reads:

background: #eee url(‘http://strongfamilyofamerica.org/wp-content/themes/atahualpa /images/sticky.gif’) 99% 5% no-repeat;

Whereas it should read:

background: #eee url(‘http://strongfamilyofamerica.org/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/sticky.gif’) 99% 5% no-repeat;

The problem is that pesky space after atahualpa and before /images/sticky.gif. Remove the space, save your settings, and you’re good!