Cryptography Reading List

Here is my reading list related to implementing encryption in PHP.

  1. Web Security 2016 from php[architect] magazine, This anthology includes Ed Barnard’s Securing Your Web Services series.

  2. Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications by Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier, Tadayoshi Kohno, Reading a book or two won’t make you a cryptographer. But read the book or two anyway, starting with this one.

  3. Information Security at Stack Exchange, I find the Information Security folks to be friendly, helpful, authoritative, and thorough. Learn to ask questions correctly and you’ll be delighted with the responses. Don’t be shy, but show that you’ve thought things through before typing out the question. Related are What to do when you can’t protect mobile app secret keys? and How to encrypt in PHP, properly?.

  4. Myths about /dev/urandom by Thomas Hühn, Excellent article about randomness and random number generators.

  5. Insufficient Entropy For Random Values by Padraic Brady, A good, thorough, enlightening discussion. Click the top left corner of the page to continue with the entire online book, Survive The Deep End: PHP Security.

  6. How To Safely Generate A Random Number, This article explains one of the ways that OpenSSL gets it wrong, and why you want to be using /dev/urandom.

  7. Block cipher mode of operation, Also, Precisely how does CBC mode use the initialization vector?. These explanations may help you understand how to use AES encryption correctly.

  8. Using Encryption and Authentication Correctly (for PHP developers) by Paragon Initiative staff, Their web site has a number of useful articles, including The State of Cryptography in PHP,

  9. The Cryptographic Doom Principle by Moxie Marlinspike, It’s a fun read on a serious topic, and why my examples are authenticate-then-decrypt rather than the other way around.